Booth Owner Event Reports

Booth Owners have access to specific event reports before and after the event.

Downloading Reports

When “Allow Booth Owners to download reports” has been enabled by the Admin, Booth Owners will see a DOWNLOADS tab upon logging in to the Control Center. Booth Owners can access the DOWNLOADS tab at any time before and after the event.

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The DOWNLOADS tab features two reports:

  • Booth Owner Event Participants (CSV): A list of all registrants for the event (email address, first and last name) as well as their answers to registration questions. 
  • Participant Registration Documents (.zip): A zip archive of all embedded documents uploaded by event registrants. 

Both reports only include information about the event registrants. These reports do not include information about:

  • Representatives in the event
  • Users’ chat history
  • Representative ratings
  • Representative notes