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Exhibitor FAQs and Best Practices

We've compiled some G.I. Jobs Virtual Career Expo FAQs so that you can stay ahead of the curve.

But first, see how easy it is to get set up

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How does the event work?

Once you register, you will be emailed a link to build your booth using a very simple booth building template. The booth will be a great branding opportunity, where you can include information that will be shared with participants, such as your logo, mission statement or company profile, open opportunities, videos and more.

On the day of the event, you and other representatives from your team will login, and engage in one-on-one chats with participants who are waiting in line to speak with you. When you're chatting, you'll see a snapshot of each participant’s profile and view his or her resume, so you can quickly determine if he or she is a good fit. After each conversation, you’ll rate the participant, take notes, email the participant right away or forward their information to a colleague.

All of your chat transcripts, ratings and notes will be saved on the platform for your review.

Who are the participants?

The event host will determine who can participate and may include but not limit event access to their organization members. The earlier you register, the more exposure your company and opportunities will get in marketing to potential participants and you’ll be able to make the most out of your event!

What kind of technology will I need to participate?

Brazen’s platform is in the cloud, so there are no are no plugins, downloads, or clunky software requirements. All that you need to participate in an online career fair with Brazen is a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet connection. We recommend that you have the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Chrome.

How long is the event?

Most events are 3-4 hours long and held during business hours, but the time may vary from event to event. Your sales representative can give you details for the specific events you’re interested in participating in. The length and time of the event are designated to fall during convenient hours for all participants involved!

How will the events be advertised for these events?

The marketing strategy for each event is built around the goals and audience of the event. Typically, events are promoted through targeted email marketing, which has proven to be the most effective. We leverage other outlets such as newsletters, social media, publications, and our websites to promote as well.

We will do the bulk of the marketing for each online event. We do however encourage exhibitors to market through your channels as well. It's a great opportunity to easily meet and connect with attendees and the more exposure the better! If you have any questions about marketing specifics, please contact us today.